We are pleased to be able to now provide you with the leading apps installer, Softaculous!


Web Application Installations Made Easy

Softaculous is a great Auto Installer having 288 great scripts, 1115 PHP Classes and we are still adding more. These scripts cover most of the uses a customer could ever have. We have covered a wide array of Categories so that everyone could find the required script one would need to power their Web Site.



Faster Smarter Better

Softaculous is a really FAST Auto Installer. A user can install any of its 288 scripts in just ONE STEP. So the user does not have to go through the process of Individual Script installers. Everything from copying the files to creating a Database is done by Softaculous. A user can just sit back and relax!

We’ve got all the Demos running

Softaculous maintains Demos of all scripts that it can Install. We know choosing the right piece of software is very important for our customers and how can one choose without ever trying the DEMO! So, to make things simpler, Softaculous maintains Scripts demos so that users can browse through the scripts and then choose the right script for themselves.



Ratings and Reviews of Scripts

Softaculous also maintains Ratings and Reviews of Scripts. Users who have used the scripts can write reviews of the scripts and can also rate the scripts they like the best. So other users will be able to choose their required software all the more easier as they can see the Ratings, Reviews and Demos. Softaculous brings the best of all scripts to the users.


Faster Updates and more Secure

Softaculous gives much faster updates of the scripts it maintains. At Dryline Hosting, we understand that an updates mean a much more secure script and better safety of the server. Also, users benefit from the new features available in newer versions of scripts. We always try our best to make available the updates ASAP!


Users from all around the world

Millions of users around the world use Softaculous to install and upgrade web applications. Softaculous is available now in all of our web hosting packages at Dryline Hosting!