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Monday, January 02, 2012

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MasterCard and Visa Accepted

PayPal Accepted

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
100% Uptime Guarantee
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Print E-mail

1) How long has Dryline Hosting been in operation?

Dryline Hosting officially commenced operations in November 2002. We're now starting our 9th year of providing hosting services. While in that time, other hosts have come and gone, Dryline Hosting has stayed the true course and earned an enviable reputation among our customers as being extremely stable, reliable, and helpful.

2) Where are the Data Center servers based?

Our servers are housed in the state-of-the-art data center located in Lansing, Michigan.

3) Is the hosting provided by Dryline Hosting reliable?

It certainly is! The datacenter that we utilize has partnered with Tier-1 bandwidth providers AT&T, MCI, Savvis and Level 3 to bring you a reliable lightning-fast connection that reaches speeds of 1.8 Gigabits per second.  Their high-end, redundant, Cisco routing equipment handles the distribution of bandwidth in an uninterruptible environment. This allows them to guarantee us 100% network uptime!

You can read in more depth about our Data Center.

4) What type of servers will my site be hosted on?

Currently, we are populating a server containing a DUAL 2.00 GHz QUAD core XEON processors server with, 8 (yes EIGHT!) GIGs of ram and a (3) 250 gig hard drives running 64 bit CENTOS, and Cpanel software. Daily backups are done locally on the server and a weekly remote backup is also performed.

5) Do you provide Windows Based hosting?

No, not at this time.. Dryline Hosting only provides Linux based hosting. We may consider adding it as an option to our customers in the future based on demand.

6) I have a windows computer. I see your servers are Linux. Will I able to use them with a Windows computer?

Absolutely! Everything will work just fine. In fact, we use Windows based computers ourselves.

7) Will my website experience downtime?

Yes, of course. Downtime is a natural part of web hosting unfortunately. It is impossible for any web hosting provider to deliver 100% Uptime all the time. This simply cannot exist.  It is just the nature of computers to occasionally break, or need security updates, etc, thus some downtime is sure to occur with ANY web host. It's how fast that host handles the problem and how well they communicate to you what is going on that should be more important. We bend over backwards to make sure you know what is going on in the event something isn't normal.

That said, we are also proud to announce our new 100% uptime guarantee.  We are so confident in our reliability, we will refund you money if you find we aren't delivering on our promise!

8) I see other web hosts promising "Unlimited Space/Unlimited Bandwidth". Why don't you offer that?

Unlimited Bandwidth is a deceptive marketing tactic. There is no such thing. If you check closely in their Terms of Service, you'll soon see exactly how much their "Unlimited" really means. Often sites hosted at places that offer this find their accounts terminated if they ever actually tried to use a decent portion of space and bandwidth. You might wonder, if a host is deceiving you about this, what else are they deceiving you about? As for unlimited space, there can be no such thing, as there is no such thing as an unlimited sized hard drive.

We do not offer "Unlimited Space/Bandwidth" because we are completely HONEST with our clients regarding the amount of Disk Space and Data Transfer that is allocated to their account. We'd also like to stay in business and continue to provide excellent hosting with excellent customer care and support.

9) How long does it take to establish an account?

From the time you complete the credit card authorization or PayPal payment is confirmed, your account will be activated as soon as possible within 24 hours. Most accounts are activated right away, but please allow 24 hours maximum. Our accounts are not automatically activated or setup to cut down on fraudulent account signups and credit card fraud. We prefer to have a human, hands on component in the process so we can make sure you get personalized service!

10) If I subscribe to Dryline Hosting and don't like it, do I get my money back?

You sure can. We offer a 30 day money back guarantee for all new signups.

11) Will Dryline Hosting transfer my domains from my current host?

We can certainly try! If the server your site is currently on is Cpanel based. We can attempt to do a server to server transfer of your account. However, unfortunately due to limitations often found in other hosts' WHM / Cpanel setups, we found that account transfers were unreliable and often a waste of time. We advise that clients transfer accounts themselves using the Cpanel backup facilities. If we do attempt a transfer for you and it doesn't complete successfully, we are not responsible to get it working, you will have to transfer it yourself.

12) How fast do you answer support questions?

We strive to reply to support requests as soon as possible. Times may vary due to numerous factors, but we do our best to handle your support needs as quickly as we can. Most times your support tickets are answered within an hour. Personalized service is an area we excel in and try our best to help each customer as completely and soon as possible.

13) In our Control Panels for each domain name, can we setup email addresses, sub-domains, auto-responders and the like?

Yes, the Control Panel (Cpanel) is one of the very best in the industry. You can manage all aspects of your hosting from setting up email addresses to configuring your MySQL databases. It's set out in a friendly manner and it's easy to understand and use.

14) Can I see how much disk space and Data Transfer my domain name is utilizing?

Yes. That information is available in Control Panels for each domain name.

15) If I buy an EF3 package and want to upgrade that package to another one, is that possible?

Yes, certainly. We will simply require you to submit a support ticket with your needs. We then will adjust your recurring billing appropriately, and then your account will seamlessly be upgraded with NO interruption to your current hosting.

16) Can I use FrontPage to build my site and host it on your servers?

Yes, we support FrontPage with the very latest FrontPage Server Extensions. However, as Microsoft has phased out support for FrontPage, which has now been replaced with a new product called Microsoft Expressions, we will most likely discontinue support for FrontPage at some point in the future.  If you are still using FrontPage, we highly recommend giving MS Expressions a try.

17) Do you provide a dedicated IP address with my account?

Your account is a name-based account and does not come with a dedicated IP address. If you need a dedicated IP address for your domain and you are on an E-commerce package, a dedicated IP address is available to you if you're going to be using an SSL Certificate. There may be a small monthly fee depending on which E-Commerce package you are on. For most users, a dedicated IP is not necessary. Allocation of an IP address is subject to the Arin guidelines.

18) Do I get a Forum pre installed with my hosting account?

Yes. On packages F2 and above you will have access to Fantastico, which includes absolutely free the powerful PHP3, MySQL based XMB Forum as well as Invision board as part of our Fantastico add-on. This forum is a snap to setup and configure. It's easy to use and industrial strength yet easy on the servers by utilizing the PHP programming language and MySQL databases. Please note - we supply you access to this software, we do not provide technical support for it.

19) Do I get a shopping cart pre installed on my hosting account?

Yes. On our e-commerce level accounts, you receive absolutely free the powerful OSCommerce Shopping Cart as well as a couple of others available through Fantastico. This is a powerful open source piece of software using the speed and strength of PHP programming combined with the robustness of MySQL databases. Please note - we supply you access to this software, we do not provide technical support for it.

20) Is Fantastico installed free on my account?

Yes, on almost all hosting packages we offer. You can instantly install over a dozen free software applications, from OScommerce, PHPbb forum, Invision forum and many more, from your cpanel.

21) Why don't you provide telephone support through a call center?

Call centers are extremely expensive to operate and would force our prices up significantly. We provide hosting solutions to clients from many different countries and telephone support does not efficiently function across that platform whereas web based support does. We find that we can be more specific with web based support compared to verbal support via the phone. Web based support also documents our responses so you can revisit them at a later date rather than trying to make your own notes from a telephone conversation.

However, if a specific need arises that we feel requires a telephone call, we won't hesitate to call you, if you so wish. In all but the most extreme cases, this should not be necessary.

22) If I sign up for an account, will you provide me with help and assistance?

YES!! ABSOLUTELY!! We want your website to succeed so first rate and rapid support is a priority. You can contact us for very fast, friendly and extremely helpful support by opening a support ticket at the Service Desk. We also hve an online Knowledgebase you can access at any time! 

If you have any more questions, then contact our Sales Department for a swift and friendly reply.

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